Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Gifts Handcrafted From Wood: Warmth, Grain, And Beauty

Carved Walnut Wood Box
We have a special appreciation for wood here at Dogwood Hill Gifts. There's nothing like the natural appeal of wood grain, and the warmth that wood evokes. The diversity in grain patterns and color mean that gifts handcrafted out of wood will be unique, and that the living nature of wood will be felt in each piece.

Look at the incredible grain of cherry and walnut wood: 
Business Card Case, handcrafted from cherry wood, flip topRustic Cheese Board Set
The burl of birds eye maple, and thuya wood:
business card case, birds eye maple wood top, brushed steelThuya Wood
We offer quite a few gifts made of wood, and particularly appreciate artisans who work with wood in an environmentally sustainable way - understanding that preserving trees is vital in order to continue to work with them. A fair trade cooperative of artisans in Thailand uses scrap wood to hand-carve their palm wood bowls and chopsticks:  
Sushi Gift Set - Palm Wood
These coasters are carved from mango wood, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly wood:
Owl Coaster Set
And we have endless appreciation for the beautiful things that artisans have been able to create using wood - it's absolutely amazing!
Multi-Wood Travel MugShaving Gift Set for MenGuitar Puzzle Box
Techniques like complicated wood inlay and yosegi-zaiku, the Japanese craft of wood parquetry, are great examples of  traditional wood craft handed down from generation to generation. You can see the complexity, the use of many different woods in the designs, and the skill required.
Wood Inlay BoxKoyosegi Cube Puzzle Box
Looking for a gift for a lover of all things wood? Please stop by - click here - and take a look at our collection of unique gifts. You'll find lots of wood...and more.
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