Friday, October 28, 2016

Unique Gift Ideas For $25 Or Less

Crewel Embroidery Owl BoxOwl Coaster SetMini Storage Basket

Unique gifts don't have to cost a lot. At Dogwood Hill Gifts we try to offer a wide range of handcrafted gifts at different price points so that you even if you're on a tight budget, or just need a little something for someone you know, you can still give them a very special gift without spending a lot of money.

We offer only handcrafted gifts, so no matter what you choose it will be made by hand and unique. And we offer only fair trade gifts, so even a lower-priced gift will never make you worry if it was made by an exploited worker in dangerous conditions. We care deeply that artisans world-wide are paid fairly for their work so that they can continue their handcrafting traditions.

We carry a gaggle of gifts under $25. Here are just a few:

Incense and Candle Set

Incense and Candle Set from Thailand - Perfect for teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and other small gifts. The scents are lovely, not overpowering, and the color options are great.

Rosewood Cutwork

Rosewood Cutwork Decorative Box - Particularly appealing to men, and one of those wonderful gifts that is beautiful but also useful. Really nice on a desk or dresser, and excellent for someone who seems to have everything.

Sleepy Kitty Tray and Soap Gift Set

Sleepy Kitty Tray and Soap Gift Set - Cat lover? This ceramic tray with a hand-drawn cat comes with a bar of handcrafted goat's milk soap. It's an unusual, and interesting gift set.

4 Bar Cuff BraceletGold Bar Stud EarringsBlue Glass Link Bracelet

Jewelry! Different styles, all handcrafted. Always makes a great gift because there's no such thing as too much jewelry!

Please take a look at the rest of our collection of handcrafted gifts for $25 or less HERE
Our collection is always growing and changing. Any feedback? We'd love to hear from you!
Happy shopping, and thanks!

Monday, October 24, 2016

When You Give Handcrafted Gifts, You Give Love

Wood Inlay Box, handcrafted wooden mosaic decorative box
We believe that handcrafted gifts make the best gifts. Why? Because handcrafted gifts are made by people - with love, with feeling, with humanity, and with connection.

That may sound a little corny, but we think it helps all of us to stay in touch with those things. Both makers and recipients benefit.
Mass-produced products have their place, but when you want to show someone that you care, that you've thought about what makes them special, that you took some time to find them something interesting, there is nothing like an artisan-made gift.

Olive Wood Triple Bowl & Spoons

Since it's made by hand, each one will be unique. And that's important in our world of  mass-production. Sure, you want your electronics to be made with precision in a factory so they will work, but a decorative box, or a wooden cheese board, or a woven scarf, or a carved want those objects to enhance your life with beauty and detail. You want to see that each brush stroke or tool mark was made by a human being, who took care to create that particular piece you are now holding in your hands.

Blue Glazed Cream and Sugar Set
You want to know that this piece is so special that there isn't another exactly like it anywhere in the world because that brush stroke or tool mark won't be in exactly the same place. The color will be a little different. The shape slightly changed.

And when someone receives one of these unique pieces as a gift it feels special. It makes them feel unique and even appreciated in some way. It reflects well on you because the truth is that - at that moment - we judge the person by the gift they gave. And you're interesting, creative and thoughtful when the gift you give is interesting, creative and thoughtful.

At Dogwood Hill Gifts we offer a collection of handcrafted gifts that makes it easy to find a unique gift for everyone.

Blue Recycled Glass Pendant Necklace

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Unique Owl Gifts For Owl Lovers

Some people just love owls. And what's not to like? Owls are beautiful birds of prey, attached to all kinds of fascinating folklore and associated with wisdom, protection, and wealth among other symbols.
Looking for a unique gift for an owl lover in your life? At Dogwood Hill Gifts we lovingly curate a collection of handcrafted gifts, including some great owl gifts. And because they're handmade, each gift is a one-of-a-kind.

One of our most popular owl gifts is this amazing owl gourd box handcrafted in Peru by artisans who have passed down the tradition of gourd art from generation to generation. If you're looking for owl gifts for mom, this is perfect.
Owl Gourd Box | Owl gifts, keepsake box for owl decor, gourd art
This owl coaster set makes an excellent gift. Of course it's a great for anyone, but especially if you're looking for owl gifts for him. This coaster set is hand-carved from sustainable mango wood and comes in a handy holder.
Owl Coaster Set, Hand-Carved Owl Gifts For Him
This sweet box features an embroidered owl, and is a popular owl gift for kids and tweens. It's also perfect if you're searching for owl gifts for teachers. 
Crewel Embroidery Owl Box | Keepsake box for owl gifts, owl decor
Owl decor is always a welcome gift. Sitting on a shelf, table, or windowsill these little hand-carved decorative wooden owls keep watch and protect. And this gorgeous celadon ceramic owl box is a truly special gift.

Wooden Owls - Set of 2Celadon Ceramic Owl | Owl decor, owl gifts, ceramic owl box
All of these owl gift ideas can be found at Dogwood Hill Gifts, where you'll find gifts that are diverse and handcrafted, making each one a unique gift for your owl lover.